Our software developers are currently working to make this process more intuitive, but in the meantime, there are two ways to back up your wallet.

  1. You can use any of the Android file explorer apps from the Google Play store to navigate to the ziftrWALLET folder and manually back up the wallet file. Essentially you’ll want to copy/paste it somewhere safe. The backup file is stored at Android/data/com.ziftr.android.ziftrwallet/files/wallet.dat.
  2. In your ziftrWALLET Mobile app, you can go to the settings menu where you will see a button to "enable debugging." Once you accept the warning, another button will appear that says, "export wallet." Once you click this button, it will bring up a list of apps on the device capable of accessing the wallet file (e.g. Gmail will create an email message using the wallet as an attachment). Select the app of choice and send the file to a safe location. If desired, the last step is to disable debugging mode.

Important notes about backing up your ziftrWALLET:

  • Once you have taken either of the steps listed above, anything currently in your ziftrWALLET up to that point will be backed up. In the current version of ziftrWALLET Mobile, this action will not apply to any future transactions. In other words, you may want to make a habit of backing up your ziftrWALLET every few days if you’re using it frequently. Also, sending/receiving coins after the backup could cause the backup to lose some coins due to the normal security functions of the blockchain and the distribution of change to newly generated addresses for storage.
  • Your backup file contains everything someone would need to access your coins, so be very mindful of where it's stored (e.g. cached data in a Gmail account).
  • Do not forget your password. The password set in ziftrWALLET Mobile is part of this file and encrypts the data, so you will need whatever password is set at the time of backup to access the data again.
  • If you uninstall ziftrWALLET Mobile when there are coins left in it, they will be gone for forever. If you decide to uninstall ziftrWALLET, remember to remove all your coins first.